October 2013



The misty Autumn mornings highlight the webs of the literally millions of spiders living in the woods around our house, each one busily constructing its own little world where it patiently waits for lunch to arrive. The trees and bushes are full of them, with the more enterprising, or maybe foolhardy, spiders slinging their webs across pathways or from one tree to the next. As the sun slowly burns off the mist, the webs light up a glistening display of water droplets on the threads. If there are millions of webs, imagine how many water droplets there must be…

Canon 40D with Canon EFS 60mm f2.8 macro on manual ISO500 1/1250 at f2.8
Full frame shot.
Location: Val Cerfone, Tuscany, Italy


Autumn Colours in Tuscany


The autumn feel has arrived here in Tuscany – cooler evenings, the smell of woodsmoke permeating the valley. and when the sun shine,  magical colours. This shot is of our small rhus tree in the garden that always puts on a spectacular  display of colour before settling down for the winter.

Canon 40D with Canon EFS 60mm macros lens ISo200 1/100 at f14