Harlow Carr view


A tranquil pond and surrounding trees showing a typically carefully sculptured landscape in these beautiful gardens.

Canon G3X ISO400 1/160 at f/8

RHS Gardens at Harlow Carr, Harrogate


These gardens are well worth a visit. They are beautifully laid out by a team of gardeners with a highly professional approach to landscaping and a knowledge of how and where to place dozens of plant varieties. The result is a garden full of colour, shape and surprise.

Canon G3X ISO400 1/250 at f/8

Bee at Harlow Carr


This encouragingly chubby bumble bee was feasting on the pollen at the RHS gardens, Harlow Carr, Harrogate.

Canon G3x ISO400 1/500 at f/8 600mm equiv; cropped in LR

After the rain …

white rose with wtaer droplets

Heavy rain on Wednesday evening, mist rising in the valley the following morning: a white rose covered in water droplets catching the rising sun. Bellissima!

Canon G3X ISO125 1/500 at f/8


Scotch thistle-5

Thistledown (pappo del cardo), from an intruder to our garden that appears so often that it’s more like an old friend.

Canon G3X on manual exposure ISO 400 1/640 at f/10


Male WDC spider

This male White Death Crab Spider (far smaller than the female – check the image of two days ago) is a master of camouflage. Look how close the colour of the  legs and cephalothorax are to the lavender stalks. He was considerably smaller too than the bees buzzing around the lavender, but he had every intention of lunching on one.

Canon EOS 100D with Canon 70-200mm F4 L IS lens with Canon 25mm tube ISO400 1/640 at f/8

Swallowtail butterfly

swallow tail

An enthusiastic Swallowtail enjoying the lavender.

Canon EOS 100D with Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens and Canon 25mm tube ISO400 1/100 at f/11

Nosebag time


A bee gorging itself on lavender.

Canon EOS100D with Canon 70-200mm EF L IS zoom lens and Canon 25mm tube ISO200 1/500 at f/8


crab spider with bee

The patience of the female White Death Crab Spider (Misumena vatia) lurking on our lavender paid off at last with the arrival of this unfortunate bee.

Canon EOS100D with Canon 70-200mm f/4 L IS lens and Canon 25mm tube. ISO200 1/125 at f/8



A pair of agapathus (African Lily) flowers, native of South Africa but flourishing very well in our garden at Le Gupole, Tuscany.

Canon G3X ISO500 1/60 at f/8