Lazy afternoon

A small toad relaxing on a hot afternoon on my balcony in Phuket. Earlier he was hiding from me on the other side of the bamboo screen, but when the sun came round, he had little choice but to make friends. He’s only about 4cm long but during the night he sounds ten times bigger.

Canon G3X on macro mode ISO200 1/200 at f/5.6



A well-fed robin policing the decking outside in the back garden on the lookout for rogue mice reported to have been stealing seed – see yesterday’s post.

Canon G3X at 220mm. ISO800 1/125 at f/7.1




Happy New Year !

This industrious little mouse clearly had a nest under the decking where he was stocking provisions for the winter. His nose would appear through the impossibly small hole, followed by his head. After a rapid scan for danger, the rest of his body would pop through the hole, a quick forage of fallen birdseed was made, and he was back through the hole in the blinking of an eye.

Canon G3X at 220mm (600mm equiv) ISO800 1/125 at f/7.1

Blue Tit


This chap is one of several who have discovered the feeders outside my conservatory window. Located only about five feet from where I am sitting, the feeders give me a front-row seat of the activity and a great opportunity for capturing the antics of the birds.

Canon G3X ISO800 1/1000 at f/7.1

RHS Gardens at Harlow Carr, Harrogate


These gardens are well worth a visit. They are beautifully laid out by a team of gardeners with a highly professional approach to landscaping and a knowledge of how and where to place dozens of plant varieties. The result is a garden full of colour, shape and surprise.

Canon G3X ISO400 1/250 at f/8

Robin at Harlow Carr


Spent a great morning at the wonderful RHS Harlow Carr gardens, Harrogate, on 2 October. This little fellow popped up for a photo shoot, giving me about ten seconds of his valuable time. There will be more shots from the gardens of the course of the next couple of weeks.

Canon G3x ISO400 1/1000 at f/9. Full zoom

Tuscan squirrel


One of many of the squirrel that enjoy all the fruit, nuts, pine cones (particularly cypress cones –yum!) and other general fare on offer in our garden. They are pretty noisy about it, too!

Western Crowned Pigeon

pidgeon hk aviary

A Western (or Common or Blue) Crowned Pigeon feeding its chick in the pouring rain in the aviary in Hong Kong Park. This shot was taken many years ago in pre-digital days with a Canon EOS3 and Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 IS L lens with negative film stock. The streaks are rain!

Leap of faith


A leap of faith  – rather like the result of yesterday’s referendum, and equally misguided.

Canon G3X500 1/160 at f/8

Hedgehog mask mushroom

hedgehog head mask mushroom

The famous and extremely rare hedgehog-mask mushroom of Gupole.

Canon G3X ISO500 1/2000 at f/8