Grey Heron at Mtwapa beach, Kenya

This Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea), along with some of his mates, patrols the shallows in the coral that are exposed when the tide is going out along the beach at Mtwapa, a few miles north of Mombasa.
He is quite used to people since there are fisherman around. He let me get fairly close, and then when his comfort zone was breached took to the air and flew a little way up the beach. As I approached again, he flew back the beach. We played this game for a while until he got bored, or maybe I got too hot.

For this shot, he had just taken off – note the water flying off his feet.

Canon 1DMkII with Canon 300mm L f2.8 IS lens with 1.4 extender; ISO200 f5 1/4000