IFC Panorama

ifc1 -1

I’m just blown away with the panoramas you can take with the iPhone 5. Not only is the process fun but the quality of the image is excellent.

This shot was taken in the IFC 1 mall in Hong Kong. The couple on the left are the same pair as the couple on the right. Completely oblivious to me and what I was doing, they just happened to walk behind me as I was panning the phone/camera (phonamera? -there’s a new word in the offing here!) and arrived my right as I completed the shot. The glass/chrome railing I’m standing by is in fact a straight line; the panning causes the curve. There’ll be more of these!!

To see this image larger, click on ‘Panoramas’ in the menu bar

The data recorded on Lightroom from the iPhone is as follows: ISO200 4.13mm 1/120 at f2.4. It’s all automatic, of course.