Jardine House aka Connaught Centre, HK

jardine house 2

When I first arrived in Hong Kong in 1976, the Connaught Centre was, at 178m,  not only the tallest building in Hong Kong, but also the tallest in Asia. Completed in 1972, it has 52 floors. It was later renamed Jardine House and these days is rather dwarfed by a number of nearby towers, not the least of which is the IFC , which has 88 floors and tops out at 412m. (I posted a photo some weeks ago of the IFC disappearing into a February mist).

Connaught Centre/Jardine House has an innovative design that included round windows, which apparently made a difference structurally. It also earned the local nickname of the House of a Thousand Arseholes.

All that aside, it’s still a pretty impressive building.

Canono G3X ISO800 1/2000 & f/7.1 at 8.8mm (24mm equiv)