After the rain …

white rose with wtaer droplets

Heavy rain on Wednesday evening, mist rising in the valley the following morning: a white rose covered in water droplets catching the rising sun. Bellissima!

Canon G3X ISO125 1/500 at f/8


Scotch thistle-5

Thistledown (pappo del cardo), from an intruder to our garden that appears so often that it’s more like an old friend.

Canon G3X on manual exposure ISO 400 1/640 at f/10



One of a team of drummers keeping time for the flag throwers at the Arezzo Back in Time Festival.

Canon G3X ISO400 1/20 at f/8

Arezzo Back in Time

piazza grande abit festival

An early evening light adds to the magic of the market in Arezzo’s Piazza Grande during the Arezzo Back in Time Festival.

Canon G3X ISO2000 1/30 at f/4.5

Stag Beetle

stag beetle

A stag beetle reaching a personal goal – the ascent of the terrace steps at Le Gupole.

Canon G3X ISO125 1/25 at f.4.5

Santa Maria della Pieve

pieve church


A view of the apse in the early evening of this eight-hundred-year-old church in the centre of Arezzo. The apse backs onto the Piazza Grande, site of the twice-yearly Giostra (jousting) festival. This shot was taken during the recent Arezzo Back in Time festival, an extravaganza of Roman, Medieval and Renaissance events.

Canon G3X ISO2000 1/25 at f/4.5

Monterchi concert II

Vittorio perla-31

Another shot from the evening of Neapolitan songs in the square at Monterchi, this one of another  young relative of Vittorio Perla accompanying him on her violin.

Canon G3X ISO6400 1/160 at f/5.6

Monterchi concert

Vittorio perla-14

At the recent concert of Neapolitan songs we went to in Monterchi given by Vittorio Perla (see shot of a few days ago), this young lady, who I think was a granddaughter, entertained the crowd with her friend with a few dance moves.

Canon G3X ISO6400 1/160 at f/5.6


Male WDC spider

This male White Death Crab Spider (far smaller than the female – check the image of two days ago) is a master of camouflage. Look how close the colour of the  legs and cephalothorax are to the lavender stalks. He was considerably smaller too than the bees buzzing around the lavender, but he had every intention of lunching on one.

Canon EOS 100D with Canon 70-200mm F4 L IS lens with Canon 25mm tube ISO400 1/640 at f/8

Swallowtail butterfly

swallow tail

An enthusiastic Swallowtail enjoying the lavender.

Canon EOS 100D with Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens and Canon 25mm tube ISO400 1/100 at f/11