The iPhone is a magic piece of kit for producing panoramas. And if you add an external wide-angle lens, you can increase the field from 180º to about 450º. And, as you will see, the same person or people can appear more than once. Hours of harmless fun 🙂

Longtail boat in Kamala Bay through iPhone panorama setting

Banana Boat? The panorama setting on the iPhone puts an interest ‘twist’ to this long tail boat sitting in the dawn light in Kamala Bay, Phuket. Here’s another one.

Kamala Beach-3


ifc1IFC Mall, Hong Kong. Look closely: that’s the same couple on the left and the right. Quite by chance they moved around behind me while I was panning!


Traffic and pedestrian park, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong. Note the foreshortened vehicles!


Another shot of Kamala Beach

pano-8While moving to Italy, we have his and hers pools, courtesy of the super-wide-angle attachment.

pano-5Cloister of the basilica of St. Ubaldo above Gubbio, Umbria.

pano-6Piazza dei Consoli, Gubbio.

pano-7View from the Piazza dei Consoli, Gubbio.
pano-2My bocce partners at our weekly summer contests. The pano does strange things to the court – it’s a rectangle some 60′ x 10′.

pano-10Piazza Guido Monaco, Arezzo, Tuscany.

pano-12Piazza San Francesco, Arezzo.

pano-13These four roads head off at right angle to each other; Basilica San Francesco on the left side of the image.

pano-15Seeing double on the Corso Italia, Arezzo.

pano-16Piazza Grande, Arezzo – location of the biannual Giostra and also featured in the film La Vita è bella.

pano-17Piazza Grande, Arezzo, from another angle.

pano-18Arcade on the Via Vasari off the Piazza Grande, Arezzo.


Six of the four pathways (!) that intersect at right-angles in the gardens of the Fortezza, Arezzo.

pano-22The Duomo, Arezzo, (both of them!)

Granddaughter Lily having fun with the extra wide angle lens, Hong Kong.

pano-28Cheung Sha beach, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

pano-29Inside the duomo, Siena, Tuscany.