Dew drops, a spider’s web and morning mist

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Sunday 28th June, 2009, was a misty morning in our valley, following heavy rain and thunderstorms on the previous day. The mist ebbed and flowed through the valley, revealing then hiding the trees on the slopes opposite. The saturated air was soaking all surfaces and dew drops were hanging from all the leaves, buds and branches. As the sun rose and started to disperse the mist, the dew drops sparkled in the increasing light.

In a cedar tree outside the house, a spider had woven a huge web between two branches that were at least three feet apart. He was, however, no longer at home.

Getting close to the dew drops with a long lens and extension tubes, each one could be seen acting like a miniature crystal ball and showing a reversed and inverted image on the scene around.