Spello Infiorite

Images from the 2012 Spello Infiorate, an annual religious festival in early June at Spello, a hill town in Umbria, Italy. After weeks of planning and preparing literally millions of wildflower petals, categorising them by colour and shade and breaking them up into small fragments, teams of Spello inhabitants prepare a huge number of collages on the streets of the town, the pictures made almost entirely from the fragmented flower petals. They start the pictures at 9pm Saturday night and have to finish by about 6am Sunday morning in time for the crowds arriving. There are different categories, some pictures being prepared by kids. The quality is staggering. The crowd steps round the pictures, some of which aren’t even roped off. Then at 11am, there is a procession of clergy from one of the churches that parades through the town, with the priests walking right over the pictures, effectively destroying them!