Prosciutto on the run!

Every year in August, as the summer heat continues and there’s no rain, the wild boar in the woods around us become ever more desperate and ever bolder. We see them daily at the moment in the afternoon, snuffling around the field below our house, and of course we hear them at night. Things will change next month when the hunting season begins.
For this image, I heard them grunting outside the window, grabbed the camera and fired off a few shots, only then to realise that the Canon 40D dial had turned from Av to M and the shots had been very much overexposed. However, rather than delete them, I pulled them back a bit on Lightroom and I think the effect is quite dramatic. Mistakes aren’t always disastrous!

Canon 40D with Canon 300mm f2.8L IS lens and Canon 1.4x extender; ISO 400 f4.5 1/60.