If you like remote, this place is remote! Silali is a volcano situated in the northern Kenya rift valley, which means it’s somewhat off the beaten track!
With a summit elevation of 1578m (5013 ft) above sea level, it has a spectacular summit caldera of 8 × 5 km. with summit walls, as shown in this shot, of up to 300m high. The summit is 600-800 m above the surrounding rift valley floor. Silali was formed some 63000 years ago and had its main eruptions around 7050 – 5050 BC, although there is still geothermal activity there with some eruptions possibly having happened in the last few hundred years.
This shot was taken from a Cessna 4-seater on a trip north-west from Nanyuki down into the rift valley to check out Silali. Although we didn’t fly high enough to get an overall view, we did fly up the outside walls, down into the crater and up the other side; a truly amazing flight.

Much of the above information was gleaned from the site volcano live and there is more interesting stuff at theGlobal Volcanism Program

Canon EOS 1DMkII with Canon 28-70L f2.8 lens at 55m. ISO200 1/5000 at f2.8